You can never go wrong with concrete, wood, steel and glass. Even better, add a touch of color for accent.

In some parts of the world that I have been exposed to, I have found the use of concrete for interior design to be highly inspiring. Previously, I had thought of concrete as a dirty, unfitting and generally unattractive building material. However, I began to have a change of heart after seeing the use of concrete in the most surprising places. Since then, my perception of concrete is in its use to connote elegance, luxury and style.

As with other building materials, concrete has its shortfalls, but it can yield excellent results when managed properly. From the initial decision to use concrete as an interior finish to its final installation either as a wet mix or precast, it calls for great caution. This is because when concrete is not properly done, the aesthetic qualities will be greatly impaired. Users also need to find ways to add soft furnishes to cushion the hardness and rigidity of the finished concrete.

Whilst its quite easy to maintain, care should be taken not to leave the finished surfaces unkempt.

Contrary to popular opinion, that concrete, wood, steel and glass do not last very long when used together, recent researches show that if used in the right proportions and appropriately, a very lush, comfortable and functional environment can be achieved using a mix of these materials.

I was so excited to try my hand on a first concrete interior space using a typical BATHROOM as an example. See the image below for your viewing pleasure….#don’t-forget-to-drop-your-comments-and-ratings.

in perspective