The ways we solve design problems can be pretty much related to why we act the way we do as individuals. Just like we have the personality traits, we also have design traits that reflects a person’s perception of color, texture, pattern and what an ideal space should look like.

A creative mix of the different design traits goes on to enhance and reinforce the resultant interior designs that we marvel at. In other words, creativity is at its best when there’s an harmonious blend of the diverse design traits.

Much of my designs have been full of discoveries about why I design the way I do. I happen to be a traditionalist _ someone who is in a constant touch with roots and the essence of individual cultures. I wonder and have come to deeply appreciate the rich cultures and elements associated with different design elements.

According to a recent survey carried out by architecturaldigest.com, interior designs have been classified into the following categories; it is worthy to note that there is no better design personality. None is superior to another. Each is unique in its own sphere, so its ok if you find yourself in one particular trait while some others seem to be a mix of one or more traits. Either ways. I hope you find the following outlines insightful, expository and downright inspiring.

As a TRADITIONALIST, you pursue plush sofas, authentic finishes and details, an enveloping and inviting vibe – there’s a reason why everyone wants to congregate at your house. Like Ralph Lauren, you gravitate toward traditional lines and approachable materials, an aesthetic that’s in keeping with your casual entertaining style and love for classic Americana (or French provincial, or English country house, depending on your mood). So bring on the warm woods, the aged pewter, the grain-sack pillows. In your book, comfort is undeniably cool.

If you’re a GLOBE TROTTER, you can’t resist picking up a souvenir (or three) on your world travels; every piece in your home has a story behind it which you love to share.  When you aren’t visiting a far-flung locale, you’re exploring your neighborhood vintage stores and antique markets in search of beautifully handcrafted objects. Off-the-beaten path shops, bustling markets and high-design destinations – you will happily trek out to any corner of a city for that next-one-of-a-kind find.

Fads have never been your thing, being a CLASSICIST, in fashion or at home. For you, elegant lines, timeless motifs (think chinoiserie, trellis and Greek key), and a healthy obsession with antique urns and busts aren’t just personal choices – they’re the secrets to a well-lived life. I won’t even get you started on wall moldings. A room without them just doesn’t look finished.

Finally, when you’re a MINIMALIST, “less is more” become your mantra. With Donald Judd and Isamu Noguchi as your design icons, you apoint your home with a few deliberately chosen furnishings that boast spare lines and exacting silhouettes. While you generally edit your palette down to the basics – black, white, wood grain, you might add a thoughtful jolt of color or metallic when you’re feeling a bit wild.

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