…”the labor of a fool wearies him, because he doesn’t know how to enter into the city”…Ecc 10:15

Several entrepreneurs go round in circles at the start-up of their businesses. You have good intents. You have much value to offer. Your ideas are uniquely yours. You even have the sufficient skills  and competence to deliver such services to a prospective client. But the customers just never seem to show up. I have been there and I had to seek the counsel of a business mentor. With structure in place, you can begin to explore the following suggestions in your business venture.


Have a strategy.

You should have a picture of your ideal prospective client. Determine your target audience. Imagine yourself as the client in need of the services or product you have to offer and dream up the extent (how large or small) you want the project scope to be. That is the power of positive thinking; whatever you call in your mind will gravitate towards you. Next, be prepared to offer your services at little or no cost at all. Look for the closest representation of your ideal client in your immediate surrounding – family, friends, colleagues and create an opportunity to express your competencies. Let your work speak for itself. The more freebies you engage in, the more capacity you are building in preparation for your next, hopefully big opportunity.


Rebrand your business.

For a start-up, brand perception is as important as the product you’re selling. The package of the product gives a first impression that attracts a prospective client to look and look again. Keep rebranding till you have proven the credibility of your product and services. Complimentary cards, an active website, a corporate account, company letterhead, brochure, customized gift items are some ways you may package your business to a prospective client. Additionally, there are young talented brand identity managers that you can consult with within budget. Do your part. Keep working on your content and keep building capacity. Your clients are guaranteed to arrive!


Leverage on social media.

Don’t only take selfies and hang-out pictures with friends. Post pictures of work in progress, installation processes on a site, material selections, market surveys and so on. These bits and pieces come off to a prospective client as informative posts rather than entertaining. Sell your products. Network efficiently. You can take it up a notch and make use of billboards – digital or static. There’s a lasting impression ingrained on the mind of a passer-by such advertorials. Engage catch phrases, attractive colors, bold and stylish enough to hold anyone’s attention for at least 5 seconds or more.