As a young designer, I fantasized about speaking in front of a camera. I had watched several home make-over series on T.V and wondered if and when I could also live out my design processes via live recording. I imagined the lights, camera and action.

I never shared the images I had secretly carried for years with anyone because I was scared I would sound overly ambitious and truthfully, I was more focused on building my interior design business.

However, in January 2018 I was presented with several opportunities to begin to host interviews, talk shows and I excelled at them. Not too long, I was approached by two different producers who presented me with an opportunity to begin my own show. I took my time, carried out due diligence, researching existing interior design shows and it was so interesting to see the universe turn in my favor.

I needed a location/set, production assistant for starters. The content and personal styling I could very much handle and gradually, the particular personnel I required to make my dream come alive gravitated toward me.

This was when I fully realized that life was presenting me with a golden opportunity and Design Pantry was birthed. We recorded the first 9 episodes and debuted on my birthday this year – June 28th. Design Pantry is aimed at connecting designers, clients and designs from Nigeria to the World. We hope to reach more than interior designers. Subsequently, we are aiming to feature fashion, art and other creative’s. We are looking to expand further on the subject of African Inspired Design, feature renown designers and their works, report design news, share D.I.Ys as well as explore the creative & business sides to interior design.

Design Pantry will also serve as a platform to showcase the interior design services at LISA INTERIORS – which is the parent company.

Screenshot_20180701-131832My special thanks goes out to every crew member on and off set. You guys are the real deal. Thank you for making my vision come alive.

It is such an exciting season and I’m so pumped for all that’s in store as the season unfolds. So, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch new videos every week. I promise I’ll be showing you all sorts of ways to elevate your lifestyle.