As the world continues grappling with the coronavirus pandemic, we are all coming to terms with the new restrictions placed on us to help contain the virus and prevent further infections.

Several governments have been forced to activate a nationwide lockdown in order to flatten the curve and save lives, resulting in a work-from-home for professionals and organizations. This work-from-home experience reflects that the future of homes will be self-sustaining and digitally adaptable. Spatial layouts will evolve from basic communal living to spaces that enhance functionality, comfort, increased productivity, DIY’s and self-isolation in the future.

Design of the workspace at home will need to be carefully mapped out for collaborations in a digital era, whilst organizations are supported to ensure an easy transition from office to homework hours as the need arises. Where libraries and home-study are identified by a desk with a parody of an office chair and a lamp slotted somewhere in the corner of the living room or under the staircase, now, it will be a completely separate room with large windows, blackout curtains, and comfortable furniture. It will be technically equipped and sound insulated.

I have no doubts that the pandemic has affected your daily activities in one way or another and these changes may call for a few improvements. In order to best guide you toward a wholesome experience within your living spaces, I have partnered with my wonderful friends at Lines & Motifs Interiors to design a survey aimed at identifying your design needs post-COVID-19.

Click this link to fill the survey and watch a bonus video at the end.

The future is Here!