When in doubt, go GREY!


Have you ever been stuck on which direction of color theme to go on a project? Well, do not fuss. This happens even to the best of us. You may have heard the saying, “when in doubt, don’t go”. How about this, “when in doubt, go grey”.

That is it. That is the caption. If you are ever in doubt again about a color scheme, choose GREY. Grey oozes a kind of sophistication in any interior style. Since it does not have a personality of its own, it is neither black or white, it allows other paired hues to be visible whilst it recedes into the background.

For your concerns that your space may feel cold or boring, pairing grey with other neutral shades such as beige, taupe or cream alongside textures like leather, wood or satin is a great way to reduce its blandness. Consider adding some warmth through textured fabrics and layering of patterns. A dark grey sofa for example, levels a space and lets you draw in brighter accent colors to create a more energetic environment. Throw pillows and green plants is a great choice to lighten a shadowy grey room.


You may have guessed that there are dozens of grey tones. In making a choice, consider the undertone of the grey whether blue, purple, green or the warmer palette. It is important to ensure the undertones work together to avoid a clash. What I would do is to mix and match. So, if you have light floors, a white ceiling and light paint colors, I would opt for a dark grey tone on the furniture and work outwards from there. You may then consider crispy white sculptures to decorate your shelves, glass table tops to reflect light, silver linings and some other black elements.

Your choice of wood is another opportunity to introduce the necessary warmth into your design. Light zebrano or walnut in a grey space for example, can add just as much character to a modern farmhouse as much as a traditional oak style.


Grey is undeniably the new neutral, the cool theme that adds elegance, refinement, and that essentially cozy feeling to a room. You can never go wrong using grey in the right proportions.

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***** Images on this post are not mine and used only for illustrative purposes…