Thank you.


It is such a great honor to speak with our endless readers and viewers. I believe that this red carpet event varies in experience from one person to another (waves from the left to the right).

When i first got this online Red Carpet concept, I imagined a virtual room filled with persons, from the various works of life and here we are (pause) today.



My watchword through life have been “Impossible is Nothing“. I have a burning passion for Interior Design especially of homes. The proverb “Charity begins at home” reflects the role of Interior Design from a very tender age. It speaks volume about its  influences and effects on the young mind.

Shortly after graduation, as a trained Architect, I knew I had a duty to create an awareness on the importance of Interior Design as well as educate the roles and benefits of a good interior. Lisa Magazine is a media brand that informs and exposes the general public, young and old to the subject of Interior Design. We plan to publish 4 Issues of the Magazine per year and the first Edition – Newlyweds Issue, titled Home Decorative Ideas for Newlyweds is in view.

Visit here regularly for more details and updates on the release date. (Wink)

Not to take anymore of your time, thank you so much for making it a date to be on this Page at this time. I look forward to seeing you at the Grand Launching of LISA MAGAZINE and I hope you enjoy the remaining moments of this epochal event.