Performance II – ChattyZee

My name is Adenike Adebayo and I am a Dancer!

I started dancing in BOWEN University, Nigeria – 2004. I’ve danced everywhere since then. God inspires my dancing a lot, but I base most of my song selection on what i’m feeling at that point in time, a song I can relate to. Once I get into a song, I perform my best.

I’m going to become a lawyer, and I’m yet to find a way to combine that with dancing. However, I do intend to maximize the gift, and thats why I will be attending dance classes very soon.  I have never been trained professionally and I intend to do so this summer.  There are dance studios situated all over Oklahoma City, I’ll sign up at the best one I get. I also intend to own a dance studio where I’ll train others.

Dancing is my gift to God, and my service to Him. Making money from dancing is not first on  my mind. Practising as a lawyer is a talent I have and I intend to make a lot of money from that.

I’ve danced at various shows, at the University, in Church, Mr Ideal Nigeria ,Competitions and the likes.

Finally, I must say this.

When I was approached for this interview, I asked what the aim was and the reply I got was amazing. I mean, I have never heard of an Online Red Carpet event before but it sure sounded like fun.  I kept looking forward to this day and almost thought I had missed it. Its been such an exciting experience. Please celebrate her for me, she is the brain behind the birthing of what we are all a part of today.

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