Performance I – King of Keys


My name is Eloka Kingsley and I started playing the piano in my teens.

However music always amazed me from my years as a kid. My mind easily captured theme songs of cartoons and sitcoms and I was able to replay them in my mind no matter how long ago I heard them. I became very attached to the piano after Secondary school, something about the arrangement of the black notes and the white in a recurring manner appealed to my artistic side. Since I didn’t have a tutor to explain music or teach me how to play, my strong passion drove me to source for information about this instrument I had become obsessed with. So, I spent tons of hours on the internet (my dad owned a cyber cafe then) downloading free online materials that I’d take to church and rehearse (I didn’t have my own piano then). I remember my routine then was; wake up as early as 7AM, get to church by 8AM without having breakfast, rehearse to 6PM and then play for evening service.

My mom would always bring lunch to me at the church cos I was actually forgetting to have lunch!

I outstanded my music friends then because in less than a year I was playing stuff that people muscially older than me couldn’t even comprehend! I went on like that rehearsing for hours whenever I had the opportunity as well as reading extensively on musical literatures…I can say those years formed the basis over which my musicmanship is now built on.

My influences musically are Bob James (Smooth Jazz pianist) and Kevin Bond (Gospel Keyboardist) amongst others.

I’m a self-taught pianist, I didn’t train in any musical school…I pretty much studied music on my own…both it’s theory as well as the works of others that inspired me.

I’ve performed in the great Amphi theatre of O.A.U alongside musical icons like Tolu Keinde (T.Sacks) and Dayo (D.Bass), played in several churches (TREM, Life Foundation…) and choirs and held several seminars aimed at grooming up and coming musicians.

I’ve been playing for about 10 years now.

I plan to exploit the possibilities of fusing the elements of Jazz into gospel music and popularizing the resultant art form amongst musicians across Nigeria and the world.

I must also say Thank You to Lisa. Thank You for this oppurtunity. Its been such an honor.

Click the link below, to view one my videos.