Performance III – Tolu Sax


I fell in love with the SAXOPHONE the very first time I set my eyes on it at a wedding in Ibadan, Nigeria – 1994 where ‘Mama Fere’ and her children came to play. Though I’ll consider myself a early starter as far as music is concerned (could play the recorder satisfactorily by age 8-9), I did not have the opportunity of seeing a Saxophone at a close range and touching it till 1998. By that time I was playing the trumpet and I eventually became a Sax major in 2001…the rest is history as they say!

While I was growing up in music (I grew up in a vicarage and that was an added advantage and an avenue to an unrestricted exposure to music), I had the opportunity of experimenting with a number of instruments some of which I can still handle to some level of proficiency including the trumpet, keyboards, flute, clarinet, trombone, the bass and finally the Saxophone (I still have a secret desire for 1 special instrument though!) However, now, I restrict myself to just the saxophone and the keyboards occasionally.

God is my utmost inspiration and He’s my reason for playing the Sax but some people have been instrumental to my unflinching interest in the instrument, some as role models and some as mentors. They include (in no particular order) Gerald Albright, Kirk Whalum, Grover Washington Jnr., Olumide Shobowale(G.O.), Mike Aremu, Herbert Kunle Ajayi, Ayo Solanke and…myself (lol).

I trained in the Nationwide Baptist Music Workshop – 1998 (where I currently instruct the intermediate Saxophone class). I have been privileged to Minister at Churches (both within and outside my denominations), Conferences, Concerts, Conventions…both within and outside Nigeria. I’ve been privileged to share stage with great minds such as Wole Oni, Cohbams Asuquo, Modele, Dbass, Herbert Kunle Ajayi, K’ore…

My dream is to be an agent of revival to the Church and the world through music. There’s so much power in music that has not been explored. The preachers are doing a great job by reaching out to the spirit-man, but I believe there are very few things that can get through a man’s spirit and soul in the dimension that music does, I stand to be corrected.

Finally, a big thank you to our Hostess – Lisa, for this humbling oppurtunity to share my thoughts on this platform.

Indeed, we are in  world of Substance & Style!