The memory of the message I saw in a picture recently lingers.

It read: The 3 C’s of Life – Choices, Chances, Changes. It serves as a constant reminder that we all make certain decisions daily that attract the oppurtunities to take a chance, and be a CHANGE AGENT in our field, industry and sphere of influence, else, things stay the same.

Interior Design is much more than what you can see, it represents a Pure Heartfelt Passion, wrapped up with varieties of fun and the beauty of life. Interiors reflect the way we live, our choices through life and basically why we act the way we do. Beyond the product of design, Interiors dwell in our minds, it triggers  our thought patterns and in it we live, we move and add meaning to our world.

I welcome you heartily to the 2014 edition of color get-together tagged, TEAL COCKTAIL PARTY