Dubby Dance Crew—

What type of dance do you do?

All kinds of African dance, salsa and stage performances.

Tell us a brief history of your dance crew.

I was in a crew before I started mine. I started dancing 13 years ago and did so many road shows with so many companies. I  started Dubby Dance Crew 4 years ago. We are strictly ladies so we can dance all kinds of dance, even robot dancing that guys do.

Who are your dancer mentors and influences?

Well, I have loved to dance since childhood so I really dont have anyone in mind but I love Missy Elliot and Ciara.

What are your goals and dreams for dance?

I want to be a Dance Ambassador, taking dance to various States. I also want to be a role model for upcoming dancers as well as be a good mother.

What is your opinion of Tiwa Savage?

Wow, SHE is the bomb. No other Nigerian female musician can compete with her. Her style is unique.

How do you promote your crew and shows?

We organize shows, like the one I am about to do. It has a mixture of dance which ensures that dancers too are rated high.

What is your outlook on the dance industry today?

Well, for one, we are not well respected. Musicians do not adequately pay for our sweat. So we dedcided to have a body that can speak on our behalf called Association of Nigerian Dancers.

What inspires you to do what you do?

GOD. Cos I am always happy whenever I am on stage. I just realize how God has been good to me and when I am on stage, I forget about my worries.

What advice would you give to fellow dance crews?

They should believe in themselves, not be lazy in carrying out their passion for dance and always look decent in as much as they are dancers.

Tell us about your next show(s) and why we should be there.

My next show is a FASHION, DANCE and MUSIC show for successful and energetic sisters who are in love with fashion. It is an avenue to wine and dine with fellow ladies, single mothers and single ladies alike.
…alright, thank you for your time….

…my pleasure!