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So, we’re talking about Interiors.
Pause for a moment, and let your mind wander. Think about the last time you were awestruck by an element of beauty and surprise. That WOW factor! I’m sure leaving such a space triggered happy memories, warm thoughts and a beautiful thrill. So many times, we appreciate the beautiful spaces we see around us but lack the adequate know-how to translate these ideas into something smart, sophisticated and a personal reality.
My point? Whatever it is you do and whether or not you know about interiors, Relax! Lisa Magazine will not only reveal the unimaginable about interior designs, we will also show you how to live the dream.   Firstly, you have to live the space in your mind.

Design is in the Details!

Upcoming Features:
Fresh Start! Fresh Ideas! Fresh Designs!

Home Decorative Ideas for Newlyweds

First Edition
– A Romantic Bedroom
– Interiors for Kitchens
– Nursery for Babies
– Bathrooms & Accessories

Columns to look out for;
– Culinary Tips (The Art of Food)
– Space Sharing
– Trendy Fashion Tips for Newlyweds

 Its media on the fab lane!
Feathering your first nest!
Platinum! Don’t you just love weddings?
After this, what next?
All these and much more, here, on Lisa Magazine.

About Us


We are in a constant pursuit to become a Global Leader in the delivery of luxurious, functional and sustainable interior solutions that ensures optimal client satisfaction through creative innovations and superior services.

Our mission is to design innovative and sustainable interiors utilizing creativity and a high level of attention to details.

Our core values are: honesty, loyalty and integrity.

Identity theft is perhaps one of the greatest challenge of our times. You either stand for something or you will be given a space to occupy that you do not fit into. Our passion stems from the unquenchable need to make an impact in this generation, to add value to existing and prospective relationships and much more, to give back to our community as a whole.

The survival mode has been ditched, merely achieving success is peripheral, we invest in attaining SIGNIFICANCE.