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Lisa Dećor Shop is a Nigerian based e-Commerce business that offers a wide range of quality interior design materials such as laminate flooring, window blinds, wallpapers, 3D wall panels, rugs, carpets, furs, wall décor and upholstery fabrics. Our head office is located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria with warehouses in Isolo, Yaba and Mushin districts of the State.

Our mission is to establish an online retail shop across major cities in Nigeria that will make available a wide range of products from globally recognized manufacturing brands to a wide range of customers and businesses at rock bottom prices they can hardly get from any retailer.


Lisa Dećor Shop runs a 24 hours a day and 7 day a week online shop @lisainteriorsng with effective and timely delivery system. The strategic positioning of our warehouses make it easy for fast next day deliveries on most products and shorter wait time on other orders like window blinds.

For a detailed inventory of products, our portal at www.lisainteriors.com is currently undergoing development to ensure a fast and secure interface for our customers. We are making sure that the payment platform is highly secured and we will only deal in non-Cash Payment. Our payment platform will readily accept payment from credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, electronic fund transfer via bank’s website and other modes of electronics payment.

Our inventory management of products is automated. Our portal is being designed such that its reports get generated instantly when required and our product inventory management is very efficient and easy to maintain. We have a robust business relationship with major importers in Nigeria and so, our goods come at a highly discounted rate.

At Lisa Dećor Shop, we ensure that all our customers are given first class treatment irrespective of the quantity of products they purchase or the part of the country they reside. We have a CRM software that will enable us manage a one on one relationship with our customers no matter how large the numbers of our customers’ base grows to. Our customers will always be carried along when we want to make decisions that will directly affect them.

Our team members are highly competent and committed to the company; they are trained to go the extra mile to resolve any complain from our customers. Our phone lines are opened 24 hours a week and 7 days a week, with highly trained call center agents manning them and also customers can freely chat with us via our website at any time of the day.

Lisa Dećor Shop is owned by ‘Polola Oladipo, who is a trained Architect and a highly detailed Designer. She will manage the business with Raph Davids who has more than 10 years experience working as one of Nigeria’s foremost web developers.

Start Shopping with us via this link.

DESIGN MATTERS by dezign_ace


Once when I was interning at an interior design firm. I was asked to describe “my design philosophy and style” during one of our training episodes, and like every other person present at that meeting, I was blank. It was not the first time I had heard the words, but it was the first time I had been asked directly and as much as I wanted to, I could not voice a response, and rightly so.
The instructor turned to us all then and said, “from now on when you think of yourselves as designers, think deeply about the underlining principles, character and philosophies that make you a designer and make sure they reflect in your designs. He went on to say that, until you are able to confidently do that, you are still designers-in-training, not yet Interior Designers”.
What she was encouraging us to do as young designers at the time was to begin to “own our craft” and “define our design niche”. This comes at a great price and with a responsibility, to be accountable for all aspects of the design process but most especially to stay the course, from one level of experience to another until, the practices and experiences of space become not just what we do, but who we are.

We think. We visualize. We design. We create.
No other field of design pays more attention to how intricately our experiences are tied to the physical and components of our environment. Interior design pays homage to the science and art of combining lines and visual perception to produce interesting blends of comfort, luxury, ambience, style.
Interior designers must at different points interact with product designers, architects, artisans, and different levels of clientele to achieve optimal results in planning spaces.
The designer has to be virtually present in the space at almost every stage of design and before anyone else, propose the best outcome suitable to the client’s expectations.
“Great designers” have no greater responsibility than to be critical thinkers and observers. In planning spaces, everything eventually contributes, and I mean everything.

At the end of the day, the goal is to unite every aspect and create an experience for our clients.

For more insights, projects details and stories, follow dezign_ace @linesandmotifsdesign on Instagram, facebook and twitter.



When it comes to the interior design of a space, quite a number of people do not know what they really need and that is because most individuals buy furniture, paint and go to the extent of moving furniture around a room to suit their personal taste. Whereas, an interior designer would go through the entire design process with you just to match your personal style.

Amidst the other roles of an interior designer, we help you plan a space to fit your lifestyle, and lay out the necessary components to bring it to the desired reality. It is really important your space reflects your brand and so, you should consider hiring an interior designer to interprete your persona.

One particular way to know that you need an interior designer is if you enjoy having a recreated space or you are a big fan of implementing the latest trends – it is awesome being trendy!

Hiring an interior designer would help you maintain a brand identity or discover your design style.

If you are always particular about having just the environment that not only meets your needs but is also homely for everyone who lives or visit, then you need an interior designer.

The time spent, energy expended as well as trips back and forth to home improvement and furniture stores, could all be handled by an interior designer.

Favor Hamilton (Lead Designer, Lisa Interiors)

Consult with us today at Lisa Interiors.

Email: lisainteriorsng@gmail.com or visit our website at www.lisainteriors.com for further enquiries.



As a young designer, I fantasized about speaking in front of a camera. I had watched several home make-over series on T.V and wondered if and when I could also live out my design processes via live recording. I imagined the lights, camera and action.

I never shared the images I had secretly carried for years with anyone because I was scared I would sound overly ambitious and truthfully, I was more focused on building my interior design business.

However, in January 2018 I was presented with several opportunities to begin to host interviews, talk shows and I excelled at them. Not too long, I was approached by two different producers who presented me with an opportunity to begin my own show. I took my time, carried out due diligence, researching existing interior design shows and it was so interesting to see the universe turn in my favor.

I needed a location/set, production assistant for starters. The content and personal styling I could very much handle and gradually, the particular personnel I required to make my dream come alive gravitated toward me.

This was when I fully realized that life was presenting me with a golden opportunity and Design Pantry was birthed. We recorded the first 9 episodes and debuted on my birthday this year – June 28th. Design Pantry is aimed at connecting designers, clients and designs from Nigeria to the World. We hope to reach more than interior designers. Subsequently, we are aiming to feature fashion, art and other creative’s. We are looking to expand further on the subject of African Inspired Design, feature renown designers and their works, report design news, share D.I.Ys as well as explore the creative & business sides to interior design.

Design Pantry will also serve as a platform to showcase the interior design services at LISA INTERIORS – which is the parent company.

Screenshot_20180701-131832My special thanks goes out to every crew member on and off set. You guys are the real deal. Thank you for making my vision come alive.

It is such an exciting season and I’m so pumped for all that’s in store as the season unfolds. So, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch new videos every week. I promise I’ll be showing you all sorts of ways to elevate your lifestyle.





The month of March was remarkable for the Interior Design Industry in Nigeria as EteriorSpaces hosted the PAN AFRICA INTERIOR DESIGN VIRTUAL SUMMIT 2018, the first of its kind. According to the organizers, this was created out of the desire to give Africans a practical guide to the profession of Interior Design and be introduced to an active, thriving community of African Interior Designers. The summit lasted 8 days, from the 19th – 27th March and culminated on the 30th of March in a live Question & Answer Session with Osaru Alile and Lara Lape, Co-Hosts of the summit and Co-Founders of CC Interiors Ltd.

The summit was a ground breaking event with over 40 Speakers from Nigeria, across Africa to the World. It covered various topics, from the basics of Interior Design to finding your place in the related Interior Design Industries. The audience was targeted at Beginning to mid-level Professionals interested in building their Interior Design businesses and/or experiences, Interior Designers employed in the Interior Design or related fields, recent Graduates from different educational backgrounds, Professionals who may want a change in career as well as Architects and Designers outside of Africa who are in search of partnership opportunities.

Highlights from the summit was an Interview with Horace Pan, Creative Director at Panorama Design, Hong Kong, on the subject “The Bussiness of Interior Design”. Another major highlight featured a profile interview with Jack Travis – an American Interior Designer, Architect, Author and Educator based in South Bronx, New York City.

A few participants from the Summit had these to say:

WOW. THIS has to be the most fulfilling activity I’ve been engaged in this first quarter. I can’t gush about it enough. It’s so worth it – KunbiAkeju

I’m totally enjoying this summit. The best $65 I’ve  ever spent – BarbaraUdoEwah

Thank you for making it so convenient. Listening and Learning on the move – Participant

WOW. I’m so pumped up right now. Very interesting and educative sessions, all of them – TemitopeKolawole

OMG. These sessions are awesome. Thank you so much for this initiative. I quit my 9 – 5 job for this passion and I’m determined to grow it – AdaezeEkeopara

Please see the chart below for the PAIDSUMMIT2018 sessions at a glance.

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An all access pass entitles participants to all sessions which are available for replay at your convenience. You can get yours here.

Happy Viewing!



When I initially saw this post on Instagram, it felt a bit vague. I was looking for some backing from the International Interior Designers Association or a closely related body. But the more I looked, I realized that a petition is usually by whom it concerns. The International body of Interior Design may be silent on the news being circulated about Houzz and I, as an interior designer may not be affected immediately by this news, but it’s definitely worth paying attention to.

A knock off is generally understood to be a cheap replica intended to evoke the original product by having a similar appearance, but without the identical or nearly identical use of a registered brand.

Andrei Mincov, founder and chief executive officer of the Trademark Factory, said that in most cases “there’s a gray area between a knockoff and a counterfeit because it is not always clear if certain features of an item can serve and are recognized as a trademark.”

In the case of the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman being up for sale on Houzz, the seller clearly stated it was a replica (giving the design credit as due) and offered a good/ affordable price for it (which is a service design professionals should be able to offer clients).


In my honest opinion, I don’t see the fuss about Houzz knock-off’s, unless the brand can prove that a consumer has been misled. Clients and consumers want what they want.

Here are some of the reactions to the petition raised by the InteriorDesignersCommunity on Instagram.





20180306_034127You can read the full petition Here or sign it if you wish.

Good luck!



Picture this
I landed my first job in an Architectural firm barely six months from graduation. I was very eager to join the league of well-dressed professionals with rights to a work space at least. This was my dream. There would no more juries, sleepless nights nor having to squirm under the intense scrutiny of over bearing university professors and lecturers who had no taste for my particular architectural genius. I was now lord over my own affairs and just about to earn my first salary. Sweet sweet life.

It did not really matter that my starting salary (allowance as I would later come to call it) was barely enough to transport me comfortably from home to work every month, this was no doubt the opportunity I had been waiting for. I was a junior architect and an interior designer in the making. Nothing could dampen my spirits or slow me down until……

My boss was very eager to see what this “product from Great Ife” (a.k.a Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife) would deliver. And before long, I was handed my first portfolio after much persistent “I’m ready Sir”. I was to present my design proposal to the design team on a week’s deadline. I could not wait to prove my design worth and wow everyone with my genius.

And thus began, my introduction to the beautiful, but tedious world of building renovation beyond the marginal introductions of my Architecture textbooks. It required a whole day to take existing dimensions and pictures with a colleague and another day to plot them out as as-built drawings on my laptop. I had to make two more trips back to the site because I left out some details in the building I considered “unimportant” and without which I could not proceed with the re-design. How was I to know that the existing width of the corridor mattered so much or that I had to measure precisely every window and could not assume they were all the same. Sigh.

Next step was the rigorous process of converting an existing residential duplex to a, wait for it, PRIVATE PRIMARY SCHOOL! I was also given the responsibility to plan the furniture layout and select a few materials for some of the classrooms. I was learning very quickly that nothing was as easy as I thought and the practice of Architecture and Interior Design was proving to be more involving and tasking than I previously imagined; and that by and large, handling both aspects was no walk in the park.

By day seven, I was physically exhausted and sleep deprived and had to ask for some additional time to complete the drawings. I was asked to speak directly to the client and relay my reasons for the delay. For my trouble, I received an earful about being unprofessional and inarticulate that sent shivers down my spine and tears flowing from my cheeks. I was almost certain I wouldn’t make it to work the next day, out of fear of fainting from exhaustion. Finally, day ten rolled in and I felt confident enough to present. The presentation slides were colorful and filled with all sorts of concept notes and backgrounds to the project (things my boss would soon label, “unnecessary jargons”) like I had been taught in school, and don’t even get me started on the elevations, I spent so much time and energy attempting to create something of wonder and felt confident that it would impress everyone. At the end of the presentation, the team proceeded with their analysis/critique.

Their review wasted no time pointing to how far my design was from reality. My feeble attempts proved to be without much regard to the functionality of the space, proportion and balance of elements and the budget of the client. In a nutshell, I had designed a concept that didn’t properly and adequately fit the NEED of the USER I had been employed to design for.

I was not new to this concept. The years spent in the university ensured that I had good pool of design theory to draw from, but as far as the actual practice was involved, “working” was only the beginning, and thus began my re-introduction to design.

For more insights, projects details and stories, follow dezign_ace @linesandmotifsdesign on Instagram, facebook and twitter.

Your space comfort is our business.